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Chief updates Susanville crime statistics

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014 — Good news and bad news about the crime rate in the city of Susanville.

Police Chief Tom Downing provided an update on the police department statistics from January through June of this year to the Susanville City Council at its Wednesday, Aug. 20 meeting.

Downing said the number of property crimes in the city has decreased slightly while the number of violent crimes increased slightly during the past six months. Downing said the drop in property crime statistics may be due to “assertive work” by local police officers.

City amends smoking ordinance to include e-cigarettes

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014 — The Susanville Municipal Code that regulates smoking within the city limits now includes e-cigarettes.

The Susanville City Council waived the second reading of an ordinance that would amend the code and unanimously adopted it at its Wednesday, Aug. 20 meeting.

According to the staff report, the ordinance is a response to the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes and hookah bars sweeping the country.

City adopts Stage II Water Contingency Plan

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014 — The Susanville City Council implemented its Stage II Water Shortage Contingency Plan as mandated by the State Water Board even though the city is not experiencing the water shortage issues crippling most of the state.

On July 29, the State Water Board ordered all water providers in the state to adopt the stage 2 plans or face a $10,000 per day fine, although, according to the staff report, “the state has granted some leeway to water providers to comply with the regulation immediately, however, the state’s expectation is that water providers move diligently toward implementation of their water shortage contingency plans.

Fire crews responding to vegetation fire

Tuesday, Sept. 2 — Multiple agencies are responding to a vegetation fire with at least one commercial structure reportedly invovled, off of Richmond Road behind Diamond Crest.

A reporter is on scene and the Times will provide more information as it becomes available. 

Smoke is from California fire

Thursday, Aug. 29, 2014 — The hazy and smoky skies in Lassen County are the result of a fire in the Klamath National Forest in California.

The Susanville Interagency Fire Center reports no fires are burning in our area.

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