Police chief, sheriff advise residents about motorcycle gangs coming to Susanville

Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 — A number of community members have expressed concern over reports of outlaw motorcycle gangs coming to the Susanville area this weekend, according to a joint press release prepared by Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon and Susanville Police Chief Tom Downing.

There are many unverified, unconfirmed rumors at this point. The facts surrounding this weekend are as follows: A motorcycle club known as the O.G. Ryderz will be in Susanville and the unincorporated areas of Lassen County this weekend. The O.G. Ryderz is not a validated motorcycle gang. This club is a known support group or affiliate of the Hell's Angels. The Hell's Angels are a validated Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

Members of the Susanville Police Department and Lassen County Sheriff's Office have done extensive research on the motorcycle club coming to the area.

The Lassen County Sheriff's Office, Susanville Police Department, and the Susanville area California Highway Patrol are working together on this and will have increased staffing levels over the weekend.


0 #14 Diamond 2014-09-19 01:52
Sorry I missed the party. I'm always looking for something to do after visiting my husband in that prison for a frkn hour because he's in "time out"!! I have many free hours and love to party with some O.G's. Ride safe
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+2 #13 Penny Shanahan 2014-09-16 08:42
THANK YOU ERICA!!! I would also like to apologize for my sarcastic angry comments that I posted on our local sites. Things were said out of anger because these were my family and friends people were talking about and I was only trying to defend them. But all is good now and they will be back. :-)
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0 #12 Erica 2014-09-15 12:23
What a shocker the whole town lived. And wouldn't credit the over kill of the Police force for this. Generally biker groups do not show up with the intent to pillage a town or have mass brawl. People should get rid of their small minded paranoia.
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-5 #11 Penny Shanahan 2014-09-14 13:52
Oops, I meant to hit the"like"on a couple of these comments but hit the wrong ones instead. :-/
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-4 #10 Penny Shanahan 2014-09-14 12:43
Maybe our local Law Enforcement needed to try and get their facts straight. Oh my bad they did have the facts when the O.G. Riderz and myself contacted them prior to them being here. LOL
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-6 #9 maxi4rudy 2014-09-14 12:24
It is important to know the facts about the Hell's Angels MC. It is widely known among those who are familiar with the MC that their charter allows for Hispanic and Asian Males 18 or above to join. However, they DO exclude blacks. If you would like to know more regarding the Hell's Angels and their history you should go their website.
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+7 #8 Dan Burdett 2014-09-13 21:38
I'll hop on my moped and they can follow me out of town to party down in Doyle! :-|
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+7 #7 rumors 2014-09-13 19:50
This past week I have heard several different rumors regarding this issue. Everything thing from "OH there is going to be a big rumble between biker gangs at the casino" and "They rented out the TNA to have a party and it will be out of control" "that we all need to stay home because they are going to tear down the town". Some people will get their granny pants in a bunch over nothing. Maybe, just maybe the fact that they ride motorcycles does NOT mean they are white supremacists, gang banging, violent people? Maybe they just want to see our beautiful town and surrounding area? I have more faith that our PD's and other organizations will protect this community from the Big Bad Bikers, more then they can stop the juvenile vandals that come from our local families?
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-7 #6 Judge Dread 2014-09-13 16:24
Since the Chiefs are advising us on things that are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS,
here is some advice for them:
focus on the crime that is obvious in your community, like the polygamous mormon sects that line Hwy 395 around Litchfield.
Or are they part of this domestic abuse cover up?
The Feds can't do everything for you!
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-10 #5 Judge Dread 2014-09-13 16:15
So the message is: "Stay out of Susanville, clean-cut whites only!"
A little too late for your uppity attitude, prison town!
Those bikers have a right to use STATE HIGHWAY 395, just like you.
Those bikers also have a right to visit their friends that are in your 4 prisons, (I include county jail).
If you You do not like it, move to Alturas!
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