Post-secondary readiness program

Sunday, March 22, 2015 — Lassen High School counselors have implemented a new one-stop spot for students to discover their personal skills, career interests and college options.

Naviance, a web-based program, offers students and their families a college and career readiness platform for connecting with academic achievement and post-secondary plans. It has been implemented in other areas including Tahoe, Shasta County and Hollywood.

The program, according to Lassen High School Guidance Counselor Micah Freeman, puts the district ahead of others.

It is available to both Lassen and Credence High School students.

Counseling staff is in the process of getting students and parents logged in as the program is available to use at home.

Parents can also use it as a tool to assist their student by adding colleges or careers they think are good for their child.

By using the program, students can build their resumes, search and apply for colleges, apply for scholarships and take personality tests.

While looking at colleges, students are provided with information including comparing grade point averages of the students who already attend.

Counselors can also use Naviance to assign students tasks such as taking the ACT or picking three careers that look interesting.

Through the program, students will complete tasks at each grade level.

As freshman, students will create three smart goals covering their personal/social, academic and career aspirations. They will also develop a four-year plan to help them meet their post-secondary goals.

During their sophomore year, students will start building a resume and develop a profile of their potential career interests.

Juniors will attend college fairs, take the ACT and PSAT and begin the college application process.

The school has a three-year contract for Naviance and counselors are provided with a data usage report to see how many people are utilizing the program.

Seniors will be able to search for scholarships to find opportunities that match with their interests, academic standing and demographics.

“People are getting excited about it, but we want to keep it here,” said Eastwood.

To sign into Naviance, go to lassenhigh.org and click on the Lassen HS link at the top of the page.

A Naviance link is on the left hand side of the page right above the calendar.

If people need help signing in, they can call the counseling office at 257-6857.


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