Eagle Lake fishing report

Eagle Lake trout caught by Valerie Aubrey from her float tube while fly-fishing Wildcat Point. 

Lake temperatures and conditions: Lake surface temperature 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and

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College hosts NRA summer courses

Students working with lathes during the basic machine shop summer course.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 — The 31st annual NRA gunsmithing courses started Monday, June 1. These week-long NRA summer courses started back in 1984 and have drawn people from all across the world. The nine weeks of courses run through Aug. 8.

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Track athletes compete in NSCIF finals

LHSTF2xBrenna Mendonca, back left, Sabrina Huskey, front left, Brianna Mendonca and Laura Porter, stand on the winners podium with their bronze medals for placing third in the girls 4x400-meter relay.

Thursday, June 11, 2015 — Individuals from 28 different schools participated in the NSCIF finals for the boys meet and 27 for the girls meet. They all traveled to West Valley High School on Friday, May 29. The boys and girls that participated had to have done well enough in the division II championships to move on to the finals.
    Lassen High School had one varsity boy, Mark Philips and five varsity girls Brianna Mendonca, Brenna Mendonca, Amarisa Miranda, Sabrina Huskey and Laura Porter, who participated in the finals. For the finals the top five finishing athletes receive medals, from gold down to bronze.

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Golf course in great shape for Merchant Tourney

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 — The 37th annual Merchant Golf Tournament was played Saturday, May 30 at Diamond Mountain Golf Club. The Merchant tournament has been played every year since the late 1970s. A total of 36 men’s club members attended the tournament and were split into nine teams. Scores ranged from 53 to 59.5.
    The tournament winning team was that of Mike Smith, Russ Brown, John Shaw and Mark Solomon, with Susanville Real Estate as their sponsor. The second-place team was that of Tom Swickard, Sam Porter, Pat Chase and Bob Genasci, with Five Dot Pheasant Club as their sponsor.
    Third-place team was Larry Standiford, Mike Gatie, Ron Jarrell and Phil Bertanzoni, with Skyline Storage as their sponsor. Fourth-place team was that of Larry Helt, Darrell White, Phil Robbins and Dennis Shearer, with D and L Distributing/ Dr. Pepper as their sponsor.

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