Remember When for Nov. 11, 2014

115 years ago

Since the Audubon Society and public sentiment have decreed that stuffed birds were not appropriate ornaments for civilized women, Washington girls of the smart set had taken to live birds.

Live birds were far more interesting, they said the plumage of some birds too large to go on hats were far more brilliant than those of smaller birds.

Remember When for Nov. 4, 2014

91 years ago

One hundred cases of Spanish influenza were reported in Susanville. Four deaths were the result of the influenza’s later stages of pneumonia. Health officials believed the cold weather temperatures would kill the virus.

41 years ago

Susanville’s tax rate of $1.39 remained unchanged from the year before, making Susanville one of the 136 California cities that refused to change its tax rate. City tax rates went down in 73 California cities and increased in 47.

Remember When for Oct. 28, 2014

92 years ago

The Lassen Grain and Milling Company began flour production with a capacity of 50 barrels of flour a day. The newspaper reported that when another mill opened in the Honey Lake Valley before the year ended, the two mills engaged in “grain wars,” each determined to capture the biggest share of the highly competitive flour market.

Remember When for Oct. 21, 2014

117 years ago

Susanville residents met at the Rest Room on Main Street to discuss the possibilities of opening a sawmill just outside the city limits.

District Attorney Pardee headed the meeting and said businessmen from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Klamath Falls, Oregon, wanted to build a mill that would provide nearly 75 jobs if the town donated the land.

Remember When for Oct. 14, 2014

117 years ago

George Nellson, of Adin, broke his back when he was thrown into a fence while riding one of his ranch cows. He was unable to move and laid there for two days before a friend discovered him dead.

67 years ago

Rationing administrator Langdon W. Owen reported widespread price ceiling violations in Susanville to the Lassen County War Price and Ration Board. Citing numerous instances of consumer rip-offs, Owen blamed the lack of public paying for merchandise. The ceilings were installed to stabilize the cost of living in the area.

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