Remember When for March 11, 2014

90 years ago

Many Susanville residents participated in a concerted effort to clean the city streets of debris left over from the harsh winter storms.

40 years ago

Congressman Harold T “Bizz” Johnson hailed the continuing of the modernization of the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong.

At the time, construction of a 1,000 KVA electrical sub-station had just started, while the depot newly awarded a contract to repair the Amedee Airstrip to accommodate heavier jet aircraft.

30 years ago

William Petzold, of Lake Almanor, scored a hole-in-one on a par 3 second hole at Emerson Lake Golf Course. His five-iron tee shot caught the cup on a fly. It was reportedly the only such hole-in-one ever reported on the course.

25 years ago

Lassen County District Attorney William Scott filed misdemeanor charges accusing the 1988 county board of supervisors of violating the state’s open-meeting laws by illegally discussing public issues in secret.

The charges centered on a September 1988 board meeting which included a closed session item labeled as personnel matter. The supervisors allegedly made decisions about the compensation salary of county administrative officer Ron Holden and the purchase of two automobiles.

20 years ago

The winter of 1992-1993 was not easy for Lassen County residents, but the deer herds may have suffered worse.

Speaking on behalf of the Lassen County Fish and Game Commission, Wayne Jambois told the board of supervisors how the county deer population suffered a 50 percent decline from 1992 to 1993

As a result, he said the commission was recommending a 50 percent reduction in a tag quota for the 1994 hunting season.

15 years ago

The city of Susanville would be considered as a site for a mental health hospital to permanently house repeat sex offenders.

The city council agreed to let the public decide whether to accept the offer from the California Department of Mental Health.

Last year

About 30 miners showed up to the Plumas County Courthouse called the mining ban, which limits the operation of a suction dredge within 100 yards of any California river, stream or lake, unconstitutional.

The miners showed up after Brandon Rinehart was cited by Fish and Wildlife officers while he was allegedly operating a suction dredge on the river within the Plumas National Forest.


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