Remember When for March 4, 2014

90 years ago

Like the rest of the country, Lassen County hospitals are battling a serious outbreak of influenza. An estimated 40 residents were hospitalized with the flu.

30 years ago

A Johnstonville rancher filed a lawsuit in excess of $250,000 against county animal control officer John Knox. Rancher Floyd Bradshaw said county officials were negligent in investigating a suspected case of rabies and he has to play a waiting game to see if his animals come down with the disease.

Bradshaw said he also could have been exposed to the sometimes-fatal disease.

He had purchased a dog and a herd of sheep from a ranch in Tehema County and later discovered the dog had rabies.

25 years ago

Lassen County road department worker Bob Jones discovered an ivory tusk from a mammoth elephant, an extinct type of mammal that roamed the Northern Hemisphere more than 10,000 years ago.

Jones was driving a bulldozer in a rural location in Lassen County when he found the tusk.

Archeologists from the Nevada State Museum and Bureau of Land Management investigated the find and said the tusk was probably a remnant from ancient Lake Lahontan. One archeologist said the 8-1/2-foot tusk belonged to a mammoth that died more than 2 million years ago.

15 years ago

Lassen Community College administration consultant Ken Cerreta is very likely to be the school’s next superintendent.

“The district and the college must have a strong, experienced and knowledgeable leader at this time,” said presidential search consultant Glenn Gooder. “You have such a person serving as a consultant during this transition period.”

In a letter, Gooder informed the college board of trustees he was terminating his contract to conduct a search for the new college president effective March 24.

10 years ago

CalTrans reported on signage improvements planned for State Route 36 west of Susanville and a task force was appointed at the regular meeting of the Lassen County Transportation Commission.

The task force will develop additional proposals addressing the many safety issues associated with the two-mile stretch of highway entering the north end of Susanville.

The regular commission meeting, made up of three county supervisors and city council members, was well attended by concerned citizens, many of whom spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Many of the attendees volunteered to join the newly formed task force.

Last year

Paul Carter Bauer, of Susanville, was found guilty of second degree robbery and second degree burglary during a jury trial after he allegedly robbed Beacon gas station in the early morning hours of Nov. 22, 2012.

According to Lassen County District Attorney Bob Burns, the jury did not find him guilty of grand theft and that he took money exceeding $950, but did find him guilty on a misdemeanor charge of petty theft. The jury also found Bauer guilty on an allegation that a deadly weapon, a baseball bat, was used during the crime.


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