Remember When for Sept. 1, 2015

125 years ago
    John Alexander, the Susanville Nimrod, took a load of vegetables to Red Rock and brought a load of meat back in the form of a large muletail buck, which weighed more than 200 pounds dressed out. A reporter of the day called it the largest buck ever seen in Susanville.

75 years ago
    Twenty-one acres of grass, brush and timberland in Warner Creek Valley, 35 miles from Susanville, were burned without serious damage to anything but young timber. The blaze erupted when a sheepherder allowed his campfire to escape.

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Remember When for Aug. 25, 2015

70 years ago
    Over on Mill Street, a Susanville man turned down an offer to make $95,000 “clear cash” made to him by another man from Mexico City.
    The local man said he was conversant in the swindling scheme, which is older than the hills, and said in the past it cost a lot but money made their worldly goods.

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Remember When for Aug. 18, 2015

125 years ago
    The shearers have finished their work at McCoy Flat, and some 8,000 to 10,000 sheep have yielded their fleeces.
    From Sept. 6 through Sept. 22 roundtrip tickets from Reno to Sacramento would be sold in Reno for $9.40, to encourage residents to attend the Sacramento Fair. The tickets would be void after Sept. 23.

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Remember When for Aug. 11, 2015

125 year ago
    Last Friday night near Lookout, a 150-ton haystack belonging to Mike Craven was consumed by fire. One of the hired hands slept on the stack and placed his pipe on the hay beside him when he went to bed.

75 years ago
    A decision by the state labor department put a damper on the Lassen County Fair. The department refused to issue permits to boys younger than 16, barring them from participating in any rodeo events. The fair was forced to cancel the Junior Rodeo. The Pony Express races for both girls and boys were also eliminated.

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Remember When for Aug. 4, 2015

125 years ago
    On a trip down the river, Henry Cain caught 32 bullheads large enough to count and some that weren’t. Cain is the champion.
    Register Dixon and Walter Smith went out to Indian Creek and caught a big lot of trout. Dixon said he caught so many he got tired of counting. Sounds like an awfully old story for such a young fisherman!

75 years ago
    Two San Francisco restaurant owners were in town to inspect their recent purchase of the old George Wingfield Ranch, a showplace on Richmond Road nine miles southeast of Susanville.
    The two businessmen were making a survey for recommendation for improvement and beautification of the 13-room mansion sitting on a terraced lawn overlooking the Honey Lake Valley in the sweep of the mountains surrounding it. It was the hope of the partners to turn the Wingfield Ranch into one of the most attractive properties in the west.

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