Remember When for Jan. 27, 2015

125 years ago

According to newspaper reports, some stages on the northern route were stuck so deep in the snow that all that was visible of them was the top of the pole which the driver stood straight up before abandoning the stage. A card was tacked on the poles bearing the legend, “U.S. Mail.”

Remember When for Jan. 20, 2015

125 years ago

Winter made its presence known in Susanville when it began to snow furiously. The air was warm and the snow was soft, but it drifted up so badly the roads were blocked again.

75 years ago

Ralson Crew, Jimmie “King” G.A. Collyer and Gerald Crew skied to the top of Diamond Mountain. It took them five hours to make the ascent and three hours to descend. They reported the snow was firm only in the shaded portion of the mountains. They also estimate, on average, that the snow packs near the timberline contained 18 inches of high water content snow.

Remember When for Jan. 13, 2015

125 years ago

According to newspaper reports, everyone was enjoying the great outdoors 120 years ago in Susanville. Sleighing was the most popular sport, and the paper reported everyone and his best girl were out in the warm brilliant sun.

Remember When for Jan. 6, 2015

92 years ago

Lassen County residents struggled to remove the nearly 10 feet of snow that fell during a three-week period in January. The lack of manpower hampered the distribution of food, medical supplies and warm clothing to senior citizens.

Although the newspaper could not confirm any deaths, reporters announced there were rumors more than 10 people had starved or froze to death in the northern part of Lassen County.

Remember When for Dec. 30, 2014

92 years ago

For the first time, women had the opportunity to serve on a trial jury. Throughout the country, critics were discouraged with the experiment, since many of them claimed exemptions in the past.

They said most of the women do not have the knowledge, thus lacking the credibility needed to make an informed decision. Only a few Lassen County women have had the chance to serve on a jury.

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