Honoring my dad this Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 — My father has been an amazing, influential person in my life.

He pushed me to get the best grades possible, he dedicated many nights to unsuccessfully get me to appreciate the talents of John Wayne, and he strived to ensure I was capable of balancing a checkbook.

Now, my father is not my biological dad; he is my stepfather. However, despite the noticeable lack of a blood relationship, I am utterly grateful for the presence he has been in my life.

Nearly 9 years ago, my mom married Bill, my stepdad. At first I was angry, I hated the man who was causing me to uproot in the first few months of high school and move to the little town of Quincy.

He awkwardly tried setting me up with the only guy my age he knew, which only humiliated me past the point of no return, and he made me stay behind in math classes because he believed I was better at math than my test grades let on.

As time went on, however, I came to respect my stepdad.

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