What’s a dog to do when little Fluffy runs?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014 — We don’t need another stinking cat! Let me be right up front from the start, lest anyone get the wrong impression. Cats are OK, I guess, but deep down inside, I’m just a big time dog guy.

We recently had an abrupt change in our animal family when Trouble, our 8-year-old cat, passed unexpectedly. He was acting funny, so we took him to the vet who treated him for ear mites. But obviously he had something else very wrong with him we didn’t know about because he died five days later.

During a weekend visit to a vet at an emergency animal hospital in Reno, we put him to sleep after the vet said there was nothing he could do for him and suggested we put him down. It was a sad day, and upon our return, we buried Trouble near his favorite spot in the yard. I have to admit he was a mighty cool cat, and I will miss him, even though I’m not the proverbial cat person.

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