We don’t need term limits in Lassen County

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 — I remember talking with my mother back in the 1960s about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his four terms as president. By her estimation, had he lived, FDR would have still been president of this great land because of the popularity of the New Deal and his dedication to the needs of common, everyday, middle-class Americans.

I’m only almost old enough to remember the ratification of the 22nd Amendment (Feb. 21, 1951) that limits the president of the United States to two terms in office.

Now if I recollect our conversation correctly, mom said the amendment was passed to limit the terms of a populist president such as Roosevelt who might be elected again and again for life. So I’ll ask the obvious questions — what’s wrong with that if that’s the people’s will? Isn’t that how we do it in America?

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