Memorial Day is so much more than just another three-day weekend

Memorial Day is a day when we should remember those who died in the armed services, defending our freedom. And also to pay our respects to those who are still alive.
    Through the years, some of us have forgotten why this important federal holiday was created. To many, the day is simply considered a Monday off from work — a three-day weekend that signals the arrival of the summer season.
    But it is much more than that.
    In this country, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. The day when graves of soldiers were decorated dates back to the Civil War when more than 600,000 soldiers died.

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The never-ending problem of clutter

Recently a retiree told me she wasn’t making much progress on the projects she planned to complete when she no longer had to devote a good portion of her day to a job.
    “I keep cleaning closets,” she said, “but someone keeps filling them up.”
    Clutter seems to be a never-ending problem for many people. Yet there is a lot of information about how to rid your life of clutter. Many bloggers are able to come up with new ideas for weekly columns on the Internet.

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Happy belated birthday to a quirky, cool role model

It seems fitting that Cinco de Mayo is the birthday of one of my more festive and feisty role models: Nellie Bly. She would’ve been 151 years old this month, and I want to wish her a happy belated.
    Born Elizabeth Jane Cochrane in 1864, Nellie Bly was her pen name. She was many things, but is probably best known for her record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days, in emulation of Jules Verne’s fictional character Phileas Fogg.
    More important to me, she was a reporter’s reporter. She launched a new kind of investigative journalism after faking insanity to study a women’s mental institution from within. My kinda’ gal.

   I often try to relate some of her experiences to my own — because she was just so darn quirky and cool. I admit, I want to be like Bly.

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Court of Appeals decision supports city’s bid to ban medical marijuana cultivation

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 — The issue of marijuana in general and medical marijuana in particular is one that draws vocal supporters and detractors from both sides.
    At last week’s Susanville City Council meeting, the council voted unanimously to rescind the first reading of an ordinance that would have permitted the cultivation of medical marijuana within the city limits (with a number of restrictions) as the matter came before the council for a second reading and vote that could have enacted the ordinance.
    Instead, councilmember Rod De Boer set the city on an entirely different course.

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After 33 years: Feather Publishing is a great team

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 — There’s an old saying that goes “Time flies when you’re having fun” …
    Since I missed the deadline for last week’s paper, you’ll be reading this after I’ve already retired and left my desk at Feather Publishing.
    Honestly, I truly believe this might be the first time I’ve ever missed a deadline.
    Rain, sleet or snow has not stopped my perseverance in making sure my clients’ advertisements get into the paper.

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