Stepping into retirement: Let the golden years begin

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 — There comes a time in life when the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow at last yields the reward of retirement and, for me, that time is now.
    As of Thursday, May 28, I will have worked my final five hours as a staff writer for Feather Publishing and, more specifically, the Chester Progressive.
    Many have asked if my farewell will be bittersweet and I would have to say yes, for a multitude of reasons.
    My relationship with the Lake Almanor Basin will change. No longer will I be here, there and everywhere in a professional capacity chasing the scanner, attending meetings and covering events.
    While I will remain in the community for the foreseeable future my role will be that of neighbor and friend.

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Susanville resident proves it’s never too late to follow your dreams

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 — Congratulations to Susanville resident Bill Merkle, 82, on his graduation May 16 from Dominican University of California in San Rafael.
    Merkle, the former warden at High Desert State Prison, earned a degree in humanities 36 years after he left his studies when the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation transferred him from San Quentin State Prison to High Desert State Prison — at a time when he was just six units shy of earning an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

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It’s not always easy being on the sidelines

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 — It’s hard to sit there and be quiet.
It’s difficult to know something and not be able to share it.
It’s frustrating to want to weigh in, but be forced to remain silent.
It’s difficult to always be on the sidelines and not get in and play the game.

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Memorial Day is so much more than just another three-day weekend

Memorial Day is a day when we should remember those who died in the armed services, defending our freedom. And also to pay our respects to those who are still alive.
    Through the years, some of us have forgotten why this important federal holiday was created. To many, the day is simply considered a Monday off from work — a three-day weekend that signals the arrival of the summer season.
    But it is much more than that.
    In this country, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. The day when graves of soldiers were decorated dates back to the Civil War when more than 600,000 soldiers died.

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The never-ending problem of clutter

Recently a retiree told me she wasn’t making much progress on the projects she planned to complete when she no longer had to devote a good portion of her day to a job.
    “I keep cleaning closets,” she said, “but someone keeps filling them up.”
    Clutter seems to be a never-ending problem for many people. Yet there is a lot of information about how to rid your life of clutter. Many bloggers are able to come up with new ideas for weekly columns on the Internet.

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