Susanville Area Bicycle Association

  • Bicycle association builds, repairs trails


    Susanville Area Bicycle Association members Mark Hodges, left, Mark Kovacic, David Slusher, Matt Urquizu, Mike Wright, Brian Tilford, Randy Robbins, Andrew Fisher, Chuck McCloughan, Aaron Johnson, Lisa Urquizu, Bubba Wright and son Zayne spent the morning Saturday, March 8 building a new section of trail at Susanville Ranch Park.  Photo by Brian Tilford and Randy Robbins

    March 20 — The Susanville Area Bicycle Association loves trails. It’s a love visible on many local trails, which are used, groomed and built with the help of the dedicated group of cyclists.

    On Saturday, March 8, SABA club members spent the morning showing love for a new section at Susanville Ranch Park. The group built a new section of trail near the upper loop of a trail currently referred to as the “Lazy Lizard Trail.” The section is on the Bureau of Land Management’s property and was flagged by SABA President Brian Tilford and BLM trail manager Stan Bales as having potential to be a new trail.


    Thirteen SABA members and two children showed up to make the idea for the new trail a reality. After a brief trail-building instruction session given by Tilford, the group completed a 150-yard section of trail in about two hours. The team used trail-building practices used by the International Mountain Bicycling  Association for trails that drain and require minimal maintenance.


  • Fifth annual Ridin’ High at the Ranch draws a big crowd


    June 3 — The Susanville Area Bicycle Association hosted its annual Ridin’ High at the Ranch mountain bike race Saturday, May 31 at Susanville Ranch Park. The event drew riders from all over Northern California and Nevada. Here, racers in the open and sport classes line up at the starting line. Look for more photos, as well as the race results, in the Tuesday, June 10 edition of the Lassen County Times.  Photo by Maddie Musante


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