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Firefighters respond to structure fire

DSC 2321

Firefighters spray water beneath a mobile home fire on Johnstonville Road. Photos by Ruth Ellis 


DSC 2299

Smoke billows from a home on Johnstonville Road. 

Friday, July 18 — Firefighters are keeping busy today, Friday, July 18. Early this afternoon, multiple 911 calls were received and crews were dispatched to a structure fire on Johnstonville Road near the Lassen County Animal Shelter.  

Separately, air attack and fire crews were also disaptched to a reported vegetation fire earlier this morning on Clarks Peak Loop in Janesville.


0 #3 Ashley Brooks 2014-07-19 06:29
It is really funny how people in this town are so fast to assume things. Ever wonder if it's just a family who lost everything? Not everyone is a mesh head. You should count your blessings. Because let me tell you, it's devastating when you have to start from the ground up. Thank you to the kind people in this town who are caring!
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+2 #2 Jane Folsom 2014-07-19 01:22
Yeah, maybe a lot of occult Meth labs in the area!!!!
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+3 #1 Judith 2014-07-19 00:20
There sure seems to be a lot of garage and out building fires lately. Makes you wonder. :-|
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