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Sheriff expresses appreciation for public’s assistance regarding Meinert case

Tuesday, July 8 — Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon expressed his appreciation for all the information the public has provided regarding the investigation into the death of veterinarian Richard Meinert.

“We’ve gotten a great deal of information and the main thing is I want them to know is, please keep it coming. If you know anything call us because we’re following up on everything. It’s too bad in some ways, obviously, that we can’t report back to the people on what we’re doing, but we have to look out for the integrity of the investigation first and foremost,” Growdon said. “Ultimately between that and the forensic analysis and everything else, hopefully we can determine what truly happened there and what the facts are.”

Growdon gave a brief update during today’s Tuesday, July 8 meeting of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors, although he said there wasn’t really any new information he could provide.

Meinert was found dead in his office off of Main Street Janesville on June 23, and his death is being investigated as a possible homicide.

Growdon said,“We believe he may have interrupted a burglary at his place of business. It appears there may have been a struggle subsequent to that, which ultimately resulted in injuries that caused his death. That’s what I believe based on what we’ve seen, but obviously we’re looking at all angles as we conduct the investigation.”

He also recognized the other agencies that have assisted with the investigation.

The vet’s office had to be secured for four to five days, which according to Growdon, can tax a small department when it conducts an investigation, but the California Department of Corrections provided assistance.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol also helped with the field investigation and the Department of Justice processed the scene and is doing the forensic analysis on the evidence recovered at the scene. 


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Friday, September 04, 2015
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