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Child killed in vehicle rollover

Monday, July 7 — A Saturday, July 5 vehicle rollover claimed the life of an unrestrained 3-year-old child.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Jamie Sauce, 32, of Stockton, California was driving a 1996 Chevrolet Astro van southbound on Highway 395 south of the Secret Valley rest area near Ravendale. Traveling with her were Florencio Sierra, 32, and four juveniles ages 1 through 7.

The accident occurred at approximately 6:42 a.m. when the tread of the right rear tire of the vehicle separated. In response, Sauce applied the brakes causing her to lose control of the vehicle. The van traveled off of the west roadway edge and descended a steep embankment where it overturned, ejecting several of the unrestrained juvenile occupants.

The 3 year old was pinned under the vehicle, and succumbed to her injuries despite life saving efforts on the part of CHP personnel.

The CHP takes this opportunity to reinforce the importance of wearing your seatbelt and making sure child passengers are properly restrained in a child safety seat. For more information, or for assistance with your child safety seat, contact your local CHP office. 


-1 #26 jamie 2014-08-01 02:14
Sorry I didn't come here to be mean to people or say the wrong things I came here to let people know what I'm going though and hoping people can learn from it or make a difference just like you Nancy you thought the law was 6 and under but the day at the accedent I learned it was 8 and under that is something you have learned and maybe someone else.from all this I hope you go out there and tell anyone you see and maybe that might help someone else and maybe instead of talking bad about someone go out and help the people that can't afford car seats maybe you can buy them one or you can find the places in your area that the will help get it one and spread the word.look if you are a grandmother then you are old enough to know that people can really learn from this instead of talking someone down.please learn from this and go out and make a difference but Dont just be all talk and talk bad about someone.sweet heart take care and hug those babies give them a lot of love.thank you
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-1 #25 jamie 2014-08-01 01:45
I Dont judge people its not right because you Dont know what they been through just like teenages having children I believe no one is ready to have a child at least until they are 20 but I Dont judge their parents and say they are not taking care of their kids good that's why there is a lot of teenages having babies or like years ago when my teacher had kids they didn't know to much about car seats could you judge them no you can't because you Dont know what happened at that time and what they are going though like me I have tryed to kill my self twice after this day the first time that save me was my kids walked in the room the second because I saw a police car.the thought of my daughter gone hurts so much and 3 weeks before that day I was at my grandfather's funeral and the same day that my daughter passed my uncle passed and the next day my other uncle passed.the point is you Dont know what happened or what someone is going through so you need to learn from it and not make it worse
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-1 #24 jamie 2014-08-01 01:20
Quoting nancy:
Jamie my kids are 17 and i do have grandchildren that are 4 2 and 6 months and they are all in car seat and it says your from stockton which is almost 5 hours away so obiviously u new it wasn't around the cornered

The point is you can't judge people and that means your grandchild is not over 6 but if he was then you wouldnt have him in a car seat because you believe that the law said 6 and under.so only at this point in time you are following the law.and you Dont know what happened that day or what was going on so Dont judge.because one day something might happen to you and you will hurt as bad as I do and someone would judge you and you will feel the same like me.and my day will come and I will be judge in gods eyes and the laws eyes.now you just like me learned something from all this and if you didn't I pray that when those kids get over six that nothing ever happens.
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-1 #23 nancy 2014-07-31 20:32
Jamie my kids are 17 and i do have grandchildren that are 4 2 and 6 months and they are all in car seat and it says your from stockton which is almost 5 hours away so obiviously u new it wasn't around the cornered
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-1 #22 jamie 2014-07-31 20:12
Quoting Erica:
I agree the driver should be held criminally responsible. But like most accidents like this they will drop the ball, they will classify it as an "accident". Loser will walk free. Disgusting.

Erica I'm more willing to pay for what happened but to call me a loser is the wrong thing to say.this is not a game to win or lose.I lost one of the most important person in my life and it was my child and no matter what happened next.I have to see that day over and over in my head I would rather lose my life or go to jail then lose my child.losing a child is the worst feeling you can have.and I never wish it on any one.but please Dont say words like its a game because its not.
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-1 #21 jamie 2014-07-31 20:04
Quoting Cherry:
This is not an accident but lack of brains/parenting. Tread coming off shows they had no business on the road. Secondly when children are not in seatbelts/carseats it is irresponsible and grounds for child abuse/endangerment charges. Having more than more child yes you deserve jail time. Their irresponsibility killed that child.
cherry I agree on you at the most part I was stupid not putting them in a car seat but about the tired my man worked 2 hours from the home and every day he gets the van checked and he gets his tires checked every few months if he sees anything wrong with the tires or van he gets it changed or fix.
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-1 #20 jamie 2014-07-31 19:59
Quoting nancy:
Obivouslu they don't need to. have kids. the law requires that a child 6 and under need to be in a caraeat and. or booster seat as well. that is a sad situation for everyone but a stupid adult needs to be held responsible

Sorry Nancy you are wrong the day of the accident I found out the law requires for 8 and under to be in a car seat or booster and if your child is not at the right night of weight over 8 you still need to keep them in a booster seat for their safety so if you you have a child that fits in all this or when you had a child around theses ages then you are not following the law either.
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-1 #19 jamie 2014-07-31 19:53
I normally have my kids in car seats but I didn't realize how long the trip was and my children knew how to come out of the car seats I just want to get my kids out to see the world.and at the moment I cry and pray to god to please turn back time.and not let me leave my house.every day I have to find a reason to live.going though this is the worst thing anyone can feel.I would give my life if I knew it cause save my baby.know one know the pain I'm in so no one should judge me.but I am ready to get punished in the laws eyes and in god eyes.at the moment I still can't sleep I push my self to eat.and I think everyday how can I drive my little car out there and die the way my child did.for my mistakes I hope the world would open their eyes and see that their kids are the most important in life and never take a chance guard them with your life.and make sure they are safe.you Dont want to see what I've seen and you Dont want to feel like I do.
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-1 #18 jamie 2014-07-31 19:43
I'm am sorry what you all must heard but I was not visiting any prison.I was hoping to find a part a land to buy so I can bring life to it in hopes that one day my children can reside there.and I do not drink or do drugs and before that day normally I Dont take my kids long trips
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0 #17 Lynne Munoz 2014-07-24 02:55
My facebook says "cashier at walmart" under my name.
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