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Attempted homicide of High Desert State Prison inmate under investigation

Friday, June 6 — The Investigative Services Unit at High Desert State Prison is investigating an attempted homicide of an inmate just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday, June 5.

The incident started when two inmates attacked a third with an inmate-manufactured weapon. They stabbed him, and he fell to the ground unable to defend himself, according to a press release.

The two inmates were ordered to stop the attack. When they did not stop, custody staff members quickly intervened. One round from the Mini 14 rifle was discharged and an inmate was injured in the abdomen. The two injured inmates were flown to an outside hospital. 

Further details about their condition are not currently known.

Prison investigators identified William Robert Dye, 45, of Butte County, and Calvin Lee Parrack, 37, of Contra Costa County, as the two suspects in the attack. Dye is serving life with the possibility of parole for attempted second-degree murder, and Parrack is serving 18 years for attempted second-degree murder.

No staff members were injured in the incident.


+17 #11 Michael Condom 2014-06-13 14:26
Are any of the ER docs board certified in Emergency Medicine, or are they just a bunch of recycled GP'/s
covering the ER for extra $ ?
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+19 #10 BLMC Employee 2014-06-13 02:11
The reason why they are so profitable is because they run minimal staff & pay below market. There's a reason why they have constant turnover! :sad:
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+21 #9 Shannon 2014-06-12 20:43
If you are looking for decent medical care than your in the wrong town. Susanville has no REAL emergency facility and the GP options are less than acceptable. You are better served to go to Reno or even Sacramento for your health care needs. It should also be noted that Banner Lassen is profitable only because they are contracted with the prisons. Anyway what does profitability have to do with quality care?
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-24 #8 David Parks 2014-06-11 05:19
I think my way of thinking will swade toward Dudge Jread. It is not our strong point. Times are a changing... Ya hear.........
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+31 #7 Dudge Jread 2014-06-10 03:57
Linguistic relativity is not my strong point!! :-x
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-37 #6 Judge Dread 2014-06-10 02:22
I find it hard to believe that such a violent prison has only one mini 14 gun. ( "...fired one round from the mini gun...") In fact I know they have several mini guns, so this author has failed us grammatically! But in a prison town like Susanville, I doubt any of you have the reading comprehension to pick up this significant error. The mind is a terrible thing to waste!
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+28 #5 First Aid 2014-06-09 17:07
Theres an ongoing joke that Banner Lassen in Susanville, CA is a first Aid Station and I'm actually scared to go there cause with empty emergency rooms the wait is still over an hour and still get transported to Renown or UC davis
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+34 #4 Rhonda #2 2014-06-09 04:17
Banner Lassen Medical Center is one of the most profitable critical access hospitals in the country run by Banner Health based out of Arizona!!!
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-33 #3 rhonda 2014-06-09 00:50
How unprofessional that you OR nurse's feel the need to BASH publicly rural hospitals for their care or possible lack of staff on duty when for years the community generates $$ to your employers by sending patients your way-get over yourselves- next post leave your name-I'm sure your employers would love to see your true colors-
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+37 #2 Chico OR Nurse 2014-06-07 23:03
Yeah, I wouldn't take my dog there to get neutered!
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