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Pool authority seeks negotiations with high school district

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 — Lassen County supervisors Jim Chapman and Larry Wosick both were absent, but the Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority directed staff today to take another route in trying to purchase the Credence High School property as the site for a community swimming pool. 

Facing the possibility the Credence High School property the authority selected as the top site for a pool actually may be owned by the high school district, the board in closed session directed staff to suspend negotiations with the Susanville Elementary School District and seek negotiations with the high school district for the purchase of the property.

City councilmembers Brian Wilson and Nicholas McBride and public member Dave Meserve attended the meeting.

The high school district recently filed a lawsuit in Lassen Superior Court alleging it owns the Credence property, not the Susanville School District.

Authority executive officer Jared Hancock announced the action taken by the board in closed session just prior to the conclusion of its Tuesday, May 20 meeting.

“The board met in closed session and directed staff to prepare a letter to the Lassen Union High School District,” Hancock said. “The purpose of the letter will be to inform them we have suspended negotiations with the Susanville Elementary School District and to discuss possible negotiations over the site.”

Another matter also needs to be resolved, regardless of who owns the property. Lassen Community College leased the Credence High School site from the high school as a training center for its fire science program, and the college has expressed its desire to keep the off-campus program at the former Credence High School site.


+11 #3 Jay 2014-05-25 04:13
Just follow the money!!
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+4 #2 Jim Budgers 2014-05-25 02:25
If you poop in a pool and no one is looking, will it still float? :sigh:
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+1 #1 Jay 2014-05-22 14:04
Those that show lack of appropriate decision making have lost my vote in the upcoming election. If you can't make logical decisions here, why would we think you could make good decisions in the offices you are running for?
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