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Alan Dowdy's candidate statement


Alan Dowdy 

My wife Alecia, our three children and I have resided in Susanville for 27 years where I’ve served the city of Susanville on various committees and commissions. We enjoy living in Susanville and deeply care for this community. I want to continue devoting my time and expertise to preserving and improving our city as a great place to live and raise families. I have long worked for positive change in Susanville and want to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to the city government of Susanville by running for city council.

In conversations with citizens in our community, the issues facing our city are the same issues that have always concerned me. They are issues that impact the health, welfare and prosperity of our city and future opportunities for our youth and the image of the city of Susanville.

Serving since 2006 as the vice-chair of the Susanville City Planning Commission, I believe there are workable solutions available that will enhance our community and keep our city government strong. My educational background coupled with my experience as owner/manager of a successful business for several years has enabled me to develop the expertise that can make the difference needed on the city council. The time has come for me to share that expertise with my community. My vision for Susanville includes improvements for:

Our youth: Our city has a need for affordable sporting and cultural activities available to our youth. I will follow through with the development of a community pool, while making sure that it is an affordable family activity.

Our economy: I will work to support and encourage economic growth by attracting new business, creating new jobs.

Our public safety: Work closely with our public safety agencies and support their efforts to remove the negative element(s) that has cause recent upswing in crime within the city.

Our city’s appearance: Identify means to clean the blight in Susanville particularly along Main Street and work with property owners and the community development department to enhance the appearance of empty building.

Our communication with other government agencies: To be successful in running a city government there must be open communication with other government entities with the same jurisdiction. Creating a government liaison that consist of the Susanville City Council, Lassen County Board of Supervisors, the Susanville Indian Rancheria Tribal Business Council and other government agencies to enhance communication and understanding of the direction that each is taking to reach a unified goal for our city.

It would be an honor to be elected to serve the citizens of the city of Susanville, I ask for your vote. If elected to the Susanville City Council, I recognize it will be the voters who have the seat on the council, not just me. I will acknowledge, consider and represent the citizen’s interests and concerns.  

Thank you for the opportunity.


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Thursday, September 03, 2015
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