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Restoring history

Monday, April 7, 2014 — Immediately prior to Christmas 2013, the Big Valley Historical Museum and Library Complex in Bieber suffered a major mechanical failure of the furnace system. While no fire damage occurred to the facility, oily black soot poured into the building through the heating ducts, coating the building’s interior and contents.

Upon discovery, personnel from Lassen County Department of Public Works and the big Valley Historical Association immediately surveyed the site and determined repair to the heating system as well as cleaning the interior of the structure and its contents would be extensive and require the services of a professional restoration service.

While most of the artifacts on display in the museum are on loan to the historical association and, as a consequence, prior to attempting cleaning these items, particularly fabrics, consent from the owners and a release of liability is required by the county.

While it was hoped the clean-up would occur in a relatively short time frame, Lassen County officials now expect following contracting and procurement processes, work will not commence until May 2014. As a consequence, the museum will not open on time for the normal summer season. Should you have items on loan to the museum, particularly clothing and fabrics, provide the Big Valley Historical Association your current contact information by calling 284-1299, or by mail consideration as soon as the forms become available from Lassen County.


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Thursday, September 03, 2015
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