Ashes determined to be cause of structure fire

Fire crews and water tenders from multiple agencies were dispatched to a structure fire off Sierra Road early this afternoon. Red Cross has also responded to the scene. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Photo by Ruth Ellis

Sunday, Nov. 23 — A family of three was displaced after a fire destroyed their home on Sierra Street in the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 23.

According to Jim Uruburu, Susan River Fire Protection District Fire Chief, the cause was determined to be from fire ashes, which were dumped outside. A breeze blew the ashes into a wood pile, which caught fire.

According to Uruburu, the fire started burning the side of the house and the residents were alerted when the heat broke a window.

Several dogs died and Red Cross was also called in to provide immediate assistance — housing, food and clothing

Fire agencies were dispatched at approximately 12:43 p.m. and the blaze was knocked down at 2:30 p.m.

Crews, however, were still checking the area Monday, Nov. 24.

“It was definitely a hard fight,” Uruburu said.

The fire ran through the attic before moving down into the house.

Uruburu explained there were one by six boards between the sheet rock, which prevented firefighters from accessing the attic.

The Janesville Fire Protection District, Cal Fire, Standish-Litchfield, Herlong, Sierra Emergency Medical Services Alliance, Lassen Municipal Utility District and the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the fire.

One firefighter did suffer from heat exhaustion, according to Uruburu. 


0 #3 David H 2014-11-30 03:13
For Ike. FYI I put people in HDSP and nobody would be jealous losing their home and memories to a fire. So Ike try to have a good day and maybe you could grow up too.

For Mike. Another dumb comment. The family are all positive members of society. Again Mother Nature had a major part in this tragedy. Negative comments are not welcome. Hopefully you will never need help during a time like this but if you do this family would be the first to help you.
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0 #2 David H 2014-11-26 16:14
For Smokey da beat. You should get your facts straight before making dumb comments. Wind caused by Mother Nature was a factor in this tragedy. You should show more compassion for your fellow Susanvillers. Remember a family's life has been changed and memories they can't get back are lost. Since you have a such an opinion maybe you should use it to go around and educate. I can tell you this family would be the first ones there to help you if it was your home.
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0 #1 Smokey da Beat 2014-11-24 22:26
I just love driving around the villa of Susan, & seeing all the fire wood stacked on decks and right next to houses.... Why not just pour gasoline over it all and light it! Why keep combustible fuel right next to your house or on the deck???????
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