Remember When for Nov. 18, 2014

115 years ago

For a considerable time, E.V. Spencer had been diligently, though quietly, working on a plan for building a railroad from Smithen to Susanville. Mr. Spencer was looking after the right-of-way and has the line actually marked out for more than two thirds of the distance and has deeds for the same. He was meeting with every encouragement and support — so much so, in fact, that there seemed no room for doubt that the road would be built.

90 years ago

Several new cases of small pox were reported in and around Susanville. Three teachers were quarantined with smallpox in their boarding places.

40 years ago

The Lassen Community College District Governing Board met to deal with an agenda including security, labor contracts, hiring of new staff and participation in the Tri County Regional Occupational program. A decision was made by President Robert Theiler to establish a security patrol, whose main responsibilities would be to handle parking problems and security of campus buildings, persons and property.


25 years ago

The inmates of the California Correctional Center at Susanville in a display of compassion for the victims of the Bay Area earthquake donated more than $1,000 to the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.

Inmates began collecting money and had raised $1,075. Inmates make anywhere from 12 to 30 cents per hour.

15 years ago

After turning to the federal and state government for health answers about Sierra Army Depot’s open-air detonations, Lassen County’s Supervisors finally looked within.

At the meeting, board members realized that acting as the Lassen County Air Pollution Control District, they might get more questions answered more quickly than waiting on past federal tests and pending state tests of the Herlong blasts.

10 years ago

Thanks to more budget woes at the state level, come Jan. 1 Lassen County agencies would no longer be able to avail themselves of California Correctional Center inmates crew help.

“This is a pretty significant impact on the agencies who rely on the crews,” said Matt Mullin, CCC community resource manager and associate warden of the conservation camp program.

Last year

The owner of Seneca, California posted the historic town for sale on Craigslist for $225,000.

“Seneca is the real McCoy. Historic. Very close to, or containing a historic Chinese-built gold mine,” read the Craigslist advertisement.

According to the website ghosttowns.com, Seneca was founded in 1851 after gold was found nearby. Soon, the town included a dance hall, post office, blacksmith and a hotel.


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