Locals plead guilty to illegal woodcutting

Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014 — Two recent cases involving the illegal cutting of green trees on the Eagle Lake Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest have resulted in three guilty pleas.

Mike and Bryan Trumbull, of Susanville, pled guilty to illegally cutting in excess of 200 green Western Juniper and Ponderosa pine trees, some of which exceeded 42 inches in diameter. Their illegal activity also damaged natural resources, including a rare plant species known as Penstemon sudans (Susanville beardtongue). The Trumbulls were ordered to pay $18,809.82 in restitution and serve three years of probation. They are also prohibited from entering the Lassen National Forest during this period.

In a separate case, Brian Thordsen, of Susanville, pled guilty to illegally cutting more than 100 green lodgepole pine trees. Thordsen was fined $4,500, received three years of probation, and was barred from entering any federal land during this time.

Both cases were heard in the Eastern District Court of California on Monday, Oct. 27.

U.S. Forest Service law enforcement and other personnel on both the Lassen and Plumas national forests are continuing their efforts to detect and prosecute woodcutting violations. The public should be aware illegal activity prohibited by the terms of the fuelwood cutting permit will be actively investigated and prosecuted. All woodcutters are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations as a part of their permit.

Contact your local U.S. Forest Service office with questions or if you have any information regarding illegal activity on your National Forests. The Lassen National Forest may be called at 257-2151, the Plumas at 283-2050.


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